The Hub for Ohio State’s Student Entrepreneurship Community

The Tim & Kathleen Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship works to grow and foster a culture of entrepreneurship for the Ohio State community through the creation and support of new ventures and the education and encouragement of their founders. The Keenan Center provides a campus-wide hub for collaboration and engagement with early-stage capital, startup talent and robust programming resources to maximize opportunities for social and economic impact. 


Support for both faculty innovators and young Ohio State startups to advance the maturity of the technology or company and enhance prospects for getting innovations to market.


Webinars, workshops and training opportunities for all levels of experience.

Venture Development

Business model creation, financing plans, value proposition, customer validation, scalability analysis.


Engagement with entrepreneurs, internship opportunities, startup mentoring services, team development.


Opportunities to develop an entrepreneurial skillset through events, seminars, competitions, online resources and more.
Latest News

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