Funding to advance promising innovations and startups

University technologies are usually early-stage and require significant additional development and investment prior to generating revenue. Access to capital plays a major role in the success of maturing these technologies. Ohio State has developed a full funding continuum to support inventors in the development of concepts from early stage to end product or company. This funding continuum supports our researchers and entrepreneurs through the commercialization process and reduces risk for those interested in investing in or licensing these technologies. 

Accelerator Awards 

The Accelerator Awards program is focused on providing funds to validate Ohio State technologies that have progressed beyond basic lab research with the ultimate goal of creating an Ohio-based startup company. The funds are used to de-risk and validate the technology using third party vendors. This technology validation is an important step in moving technologies from the lab for commercialization opportunities and garnering follow-on seed-stage capital investment. Learn more about the Accelerator Awards


The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program is a federal grant funding technology development and commercialization in small businesses in the commercialization of technological innovations and meet federal research and development needs. Through a competitive awards-based program, these grants enable small businesses to explore their technological potential and provide the incentive to profit from its commercialization. Learn more about the process and key requirements from the National Science Foundation or the National Institutes of Health

TVSF Phase II Funding 

TVSF funds support Ohio startup companies that will license technology developed at Ohio State during the critical early life of the company and accelerate the time to market. The Lead applicant for a Phase II grant is an Ohio startup or emerging company that will execute an exclusive license with an Ohio higher education institution for a technology within nine months from the date of the Phase II application. 

Contract Fund

The Contract Fund is an grant-based fund made possible through Ohio State and Ohio Third Frontier, designed for companies commercializing technologies developed at Ohio State. The fund provides critical capital to perform early customer validation, market validation and product development for pre–seed stage companies. 

Catalyst Fund II 

The Rev1 Catalyst Fund II was established to make early-stage investments in life sciences companies, aiming to deliver critical investment capital and support for research-based spinouts and healthcare innovators. Rev1 Ventures, Ohio State and Nationwide Children’s Hospital are investors in the fund.  

Ohio Innovation Fund 

The Ohio Innovation Fund provides venture capital and expertise to enable early-stage Ohio companies to grow and prosper. OIF is committed to retaining the best and brightest in Ohio and supports the creation of the next generation of groundbreaking technologies, companies and industries.