2024 Accelerator Award Pre-Proposal Information Sessions

Accelerator Award pre-proposal sessions provide applicants with an overview of the funding opportunity and are geared to assist applicants in understanding the proposal content and critical components. Workshop are delivered by Caroline Crisafulli and Corine St. Gelais, Entrepreneurial Education, Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship. Contact accelerator_awards@osu.edu for more information or if you have a question.

Introduction to Accelerator Awards.

Information session on the funding opportunity (30 mins).   

Understanding the Unmet Need, Solution and Market Opportunity.

Provides applicants insights into defining the unmet need or problem an innovative solution uniquely solves, and guidance on understanding and communicating the relevant market opportunity and prospective customers (45 mins).

Technology Competition and Informing Proposals through Industry Expert Engagement.

Provides applicants guidance on identifying other similar solutions/products on the market or in development and understanding of differentiating features or benefits of proposed products. Highlights the importance and benefits of engaging an industry expert, who they are, what role they play, and guidance on what questions to ask them (45 mins).  

Commercialization-Oriented Milestones 

Provides clarity on commercialization-oriented milestones; what types of activities are appropriate, can be funded and how to propose milestones that are specific, measurable, and achievable with key deliverables and success criteria outlined (45 mins). 

Open Session for Questions  

Open session to drop in and ask any questions regarding the pre-proposal submission.