Creator Startup Terms

For some innovations, a startup company is the optimal way to bring the technology to market. The Creator Startup Guidelines help clarify and simplify the process by which inventive faculty and staff inventors, or creators, may start new companies based on technology created at Ohio State.  

The most successful startups are those that have a strong foundational team – consisting of a technology leader (the creator) and a business leader – as well as initial investment capital. Ohio State offers the option for creators to recruit and gather these resources on their own or to leverage the Keenan Center's network.   

The guidelines address the increasing number of entrepreneurial creators expressing interest in leading their own startup ventures and assembling the elements necessary for their success – sometimes referred to as the West Coast model. These guidelines have been benchmarked against market terms for university startups in the most efficient ecosystems.

For details on the policies, terms and conditions, review the Creator Startup Guidelines.