Entrepreneurship and Innovation Scholars

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) Scholars program is a two year, application-based living-learning community that provides co-curricular experiences and tools for students to build an entrepreneurial mindset, gain an introduction to lean startup principles, develop a network, and identify resources.  

​Students in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Scholars program:  

  • ​​​​Connect to the entrepreneurial community through interactive learning experiences 
  • Demonstrate leadership and team skills, while providing social and economic community impact​ and interacting with diverse groups
  • Develop a network of peers, faculty, staff, and industry professionals to support their professional goals 
  • Learn innovation processes and practices to gain insight and the tools needed to develop an entrepreneurial mindset 

Students must first indicate interest in and be accepted to Honors & Scholars prior to joining this program. Learn more about the E&I Scholars.