Ohio State Startups - Agriculture, Food Science and Nutrition

3Bar Biologics

License fiscal year: 2014
Ohio State primary inventor(s): Brian McSpadden-Gardner
Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Department: Plant Pathology

Joint institutionUniversity of Akron
Leadership: Bruce Caldwell
Ownership status: Privately held

Headquarters: Columbus, OH

3Bar Biologics logo

Description: 3Bar Biologics is a biotech company that has developed a proprietary delivery system to grow beneficial microbes on-site. Activation of the microbes at the point of use helps farmers improve their crop yields and reduce dependence on synthetic fertilizer and pesticides. 3Bar Biologics greatly improves the health and yield of agricultural crops with its simple-to-use, on-site fermentation technology, delivering the most highly viable and abundant beneficial microbes. 3Bar’s point of differentiation is its proprietary two-chamber LiveMicrobe™ package and delivery system that activates the “sleeping microbes” with a push of a button in a sealed and closed container. LiveMicrobe™ on-site fermentation guarantees the most abundant and freshest microbes compared with shelf-life limited formulations, ultimately ensuring the biologic can do its job.

Columbus Nutraceutical Formulations LLC

License fiscal year: 2013
Ohio State primary inventor(s): Robert DiSilvestro
Education and Human Ecology

Department: Human Sciences
Leadership: Robert DiSilvestro
Ownership status: Privately held
Headquarters: Columbus, OH

columbus nutraceutical formulations logo

Description: Columbus Nutraceutical Formulations is commercializing nutritional supplements designed to enhance women’s aerobic performance.

Egg Tech Ltd.

License fiscal year: 2002
Ohio State primary inventor(s): Ahmed Yousef 
College: Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Department: Food Science and Technology
Leadership: William Gross 
Ownership status: Privately held 
Headquarters: Lewis Center, OH

egg tech logo

Description:  Egg Tech pasteurizes eggs in the shell using a breakthrough process that utilizes heat and ozone to improve egg quality and shorten pasteurizing time.

MediNutra LLC

License fiscal year: 2013
Ohio State primary inventor(s): Robert DiSilvestro 
College: Education and Human Ecology 
Department: Human Sciences
Leadership: Robert DiSilvestro 
Ownership status: Privately held 
Headquarters: Mansfield, OH

medinutra logo

Description: MediNutra is a nutraceutical company commercializing meal replacement strategies for patients that have undergone bariatric surgery. Following bariatric surgery, a patient’s food intake is limited and patients rely heavily on protein-based meal replacement products and supplements. MediNutra’s protein-based product has improved texture and taste compared to other meal replacements on the market. In addition, the patient does not need to take supplements because the product is a single meal replacement.

Soil1 LLC

License fiscal year: 2018
Ohio State primary inventor(s): Khandakar Islam 
College: Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences 
Department: School of Environment and Natural Resources
Leadership: Ben Hofecker 
Ownership status: Privately held 
Headquarters: Columbus, OH

soil 1 logo

Description:  Soil1 has developed a portfolio of technologies enabling inexpensive soil ecology testing to take place in the farmer’s field. This provides the farmer with instantaneous soil quality and condition feedback to empower decisions leading to greater yields and profit. Soil1’s initial product is a one-step soil test that gives a real-time measurement of soil organic matter, nitrogen and microbial vitality in the field. The low cost of the test makes it an affordable solution for farmers in developing countries.