Ohio State Startups - Energy & Environment

Koloma, Inc.

License fiscal year: 2022
Ohio State primary inventor(s): 

College: Arts and Sciences
Department: Earth Sciences
Ownership status: Privately held

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Description: Stealth mode startup focused on clean energy transition technologies with backing from top venture firms.


License fiscal year: 2022
Ohio State primary inventor(s): 
Prabir Dutta
College: Arts and Sciences
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Leadership: Solomon Ssenyange
Ownership status: Privately held
Headquarters: Columbus, OH

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Description: RedNOx is developing platforms to measure nitrous oxide (N2O), nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide (total NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.  The ability to monitor real-time hyperlocal parts-per-billion (ppb) air pollution constituent and greenhouse gas metrics will help determine solutions to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Applications of the technology include heavy-duty diesel vehicles, agriculture, decentralized utilities and others.