REACH for Commercialization

REACH for Commercialization™ – Inspiring Female Entrepreneurship at Ohio State and Beyond

Researchers want their work to make an impact, yet most view the end product of their efforts as refereed publications or conference presentations. Engaging in technology transfer and commercialization activities is a powerful potential pathway to expand the REACH and amplify the IMPACT of research activities.

REACH is a cohort-based, year-round resource and network open to all faculty, staff, post-docs and graduate students, designed to encourage women across the University to amplify the impact of their research by exploring technology transfer, commercialization and entrepreneurship.

The program provides a broad overview in 4 themes:


Visioning Impact from Research: February 16, 2024

This segment introduces the commercialization process and features successful women innovators and entrepreneurs. These relatable near peers share their journeys and reflect upon the benefits and challenges of taking ideas to market.


Learning the Landscape: March 22, 2024

Participants engage with campus leaders who strongly value technology transfer and learn how Ohio State’s Innovation and Commercialization team and Rev1 Ventures can help turn research, ideas, inventions and technologies into products that make an impact locally and globally.


Building a Team: April 19, 2024

Participants discover the importance of building an effective team to bring their innovation to market.  They identify their potential role in the process, and recognize there are many paths, they don’t have to start a company or be the CEO.


Understanding the Funding Lifecycle: May 17, 2024

Participants engage with experts from Ohio State's Innovation and Commercialization team, Rev1 Ventures and representatives from potential funding sources (public and private) to identify the available options that are most appropriate at each stage.

Additional events are scheduled and tailored for the needs and interests of the cohort.

A key component of the program is creating a network of near peers, role models and mentors. All REACH participants, past and present, are invited and encouraged to join any event. Our program features additional accessible and relatable resources on our campus, such as the Innovation and Commercialization team; in our community, such as Rev1 Ventures; and across the country including patent attorneys, federal agency program directors, angel investors and venture capital investors.

Graduate students, postdocs, faculty and staff are welcome to participate. For questions or for more information, please contact Caroline Crisafulli.