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LaunchpadOSU empowers students to confidently pursue entrepreneurship ideas.
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LaunchpadOSU is a free, fun, student-run startup weekend focused on giving Ohio State students across academic disciplines the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship, meet fellow student innovators, and network. At LaunchpadOSU, participants from all backgrounds come together, form teams, and spend the weekend building businesses.  

Students do not need an idea, a team, or prior experience in business or entrepreneurship to join LaunchpadOSU. The program will connect participants to established and near-peer professional mentors and resources to help guide them through the entrepreneurial process.  

Join us for LaunchpadOSU on November 4-5, 2023. All Ohio State students are welcome to participate.

This event is scheduled for November 4-5, 2023

Students gain hands-on experience by: 

  • Forming teams with fellow LaunchpadOSU participants 
  • Collaborating with LaunchpadOSU teammates to brainstorm a new business idea with societal and/or environmental impact 
  • Executing the pitch development process from start to finish – writing problem statements, studying the market, and crafting a narrative based on the business model canvas 
  • Learning from an experienced team of mentors 
  • Pitching a business idea to judges for prizes 

Teams may choose to move forward with their business idea after the weekend. LaunchpadOSU encourages students to see the world opportunistically, look for ways to improve constantly and act on beliefs to change their environments. 

Please contact the LaunchpadOSU planning team for more information.  

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