President's Buckeye Accelerator - Eligibility and Expectations


  • The program is for student founders that are serious about pursuing a business idea and are committed to a structured and rigorous program.   

  • At the time of submission each student founder must be a current student enrolled in degree-seeking program with a graduation date of May 2024 or later and in good standing at Ohio State. If a student founder graduates during the accelerator term, they may continue to work on the project (and the project will continue to be eligible for resources) so long as another, previously identified student founder and/or executive team member remains in pursuit of a degree and in good standing at Ohio State.  

  • Student ventures must complete the application process and pre-accelerator Boost Camp (January – February 2023).   

  • Accept terms and conditions of funds.   

  • Student founders who accept an invitation to the President’s Buckeye Accelerator are expected to make the program a high priority and adhere to strict participation requirements.   

  • Participants must respect the rights and dignity of others.   

  • Participants are accountable for personal behavior.   

  • Participants must provide honesty and transparency in all dealings with members of the President’s Buckeye Accelerator.   

  • Participants must complete all forms, releases, agreements, and documents accurately and truthfully.  

  • When possible, participants must work to support the broader Ohio State entrepreneurial community and aspire to make a positive impact on society.   

  • Participants permit the accelerator and Ohio State to use participants’ name, likeness, city of residence, photograph, video, film, or any other likeness, for marketing and promotional purposes, including without limitation, newsletters, website, social media accounts or outlets without additional compensation.