Wheeler and Wolstein Internship Program

The Wheeler & Wolstein Internship Program provides scholarship funding to undergraduate and graduate students in internships with startup companies and small businesses. The program matches students with organizations offering a project-based internship during summer term (May-August). Selected students receive a scholarship to cover a living stipend during summer term. There is no financial cost to participating organizations.


Recruitment and Selection Process

  1. Organizations apply to host an intern over summer term.
  2. Position descriptions from accepted organizations are posted on the Keenan Center website for student review.
  3. The Keenan Center promotes open positions to both undergraduate and graduate students through various marketing channels. Organization is already recruiting student interns at Ohio State can direct interested students  Keenan Center website to apply.
  4. Students review position descriptions and submit a common application for interested internships.
  5. The Keenan Center provides organizations the student applications/resumes that indicate interest in the organization’s internship.
  6. The organization reviews resumes and selects student(s) to move forward in the recruitment process. If the organization extends an offer and student accepts, the organization contacts Lauryn Betterton to review scholarship availability. Scholarships to matched organizations and student interns are awarded first-come, first-serve basis.


Program Timeline

  • November 1: Organization/company applications open
  • January 1: Position descriptions posted and student common application opens
  • February: Organizations review interested students, continue recruitment, and notify Keenan Center if there is match
  • March: Keenan Center meets with student interns and issues scholarship awards
  • May-Aug: Internships (flexible start and end date)
Learn more about these internships in a recent video highlighting the Wolstein internships.