Ohio State Startups

The Ohio State startup portfolio is growing and creatively disrupting industries such as healthcare, information technology, materials, transportation, agribusiness and more producing profound change in the way to live.
Graphic of molecular graphic on red paper and other white paper behind
Advanced Materials
Graphic of a tractor with big black and red wheels
Agriculture, Food Science and Nutrition
Graphic of a cow with black, scarlet and gray to dots
Animal Health
Graphic image of cell tower in gray and signals in red
Electronics, Communications and Networking
Graphic of building in red and sprout in gray with black mound
Energy and Environment
Graphic of a sheet of paper with red magnifying glass
Health and Wellness
Graphic of monitor with red heart and cross in the middle
Healthcare IT
Image of black computer screen with graphic of lungs
Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Imaging
image of scientific equipment with beaker and microscope
Research Tools and Reagents
Graphic of a autonomous vehicle that is gray and red
Robotics, Sensors and Advanced Manufacturing
Graphic of computer screen with gray and red spoke gears
Software and Information Technology
Graphic of three different pills of different shapes and sizes
Therapeutics, Drug Delivery and Biotechnology